Unbelievably fast site load speeds for your visitors from Oceania, Australia and Asia

To make certain that your web site visitors from Australia, Asia, New Zealand and Oceania will reach you online as quickly as possible, you can host your web sites in the Amaze data center, which is situated in the Central Business District in Sydney and which happens to be one of the best–connected data centers in Australia and Oceania. Our AU data center (Amaze) will make your web sites incredibly fast and will cut the bounce rates.

In the datacenter in Australia, you’re able to host all types of web sites – from online diaries and small–business web sites to heavy–traffic online image galleries and commercial sites. Our company offers you a range of cloud hosting plans, so you’ll be able to go with the one that suits you best. All plans feature a 99.9% server uptime guarantee ensured by a group of practiced system administrators who are available 24–7–365.

VPS Hosting Plans In AU Services

In the datacenter in Australia we don’t offer just cloud hosting plans. You can also order an VPS Hosting Plans In AU. An AU VPS with TrilogyWebServices can be a terrific alternative to your basic cloud hosting plan – you can remain on the same physical machine and continue to use the very same web hosting Control Panel and all its charge–free bonuses you have already got used to. We can even help you with the migration of your websites and data. And with an Australian VPS, you will get otherworldly fast solid–state drives offering unique read ‘n’ write speeds and enough CPU resources to implement any assignment. Moreover, all Australian Virtual Private Servers come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.


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