Tutorial videos are several-minute-long instructional movies that teach you precisely how to perform a certain operation. If you’ve never had a website and the web hosting sphere is something entirely new to you or in case you’ve changed companies and have never seen the new web hosting provider’s Control Panel, such video lessons will come in enormously handy and will help you grow accustomed to the tool, not to mention the amount of time that you will spare. Without tutorial videos, you’d have had to either test out the separate buttons within the Control Panel or read help articles. Despite the fact that you can still find out how to get things done all on your own, it’d be significantly easier to watch a simple video tutorial and after that to simply comply with the directions, eliminating any possibility of making a mistake if a specific help article isn’t intelligible enough.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting

As part of our cloud hosting packages, we have shot a myriad of tutorial video clips where you can watch a demonstration of our feature-loaded Hepsia hosting Control Panel. We’ve included both very simple tasks such as creating a brand-new email address or copying files between folders, and more difficult ones such as creating an .htaccess config file or exporting a MySQL database. We also have a variety of informative video clips that will teach you what CPU load is or what error log files are used for. If you go to a certain Control Panel section, you’ll be able to watch related how-to videos that disclose how you can execute various operations, but you can also see a full list of all the videos that we’ve got in another section, which you can access via the Video Tutorials shortcut, which is located at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

To help you become accustomed to our custom-developed Hepsia Control Panel, we have compiled an extensive catalogue of video tutorials where you can learn how to accomplish de facto everything connected to your semi-dedicated server account. We’ve tried our utmost best to encompass as many tasks as possible, ranging from general info like what error and access log files are, to more complex and practical things such as how to export a database or how to park a domain name in your semi-dedicated account. For your convenience, you can see tutorials that are dedicated only to the functions that you can access in a certain Control Panel section. Of course, if you’re intending to refresh your abilities and your knowledge, you can go to the dedicated video section, which can be accessed through a shortcut at the bottom of the Control Panel and browse through all the videos that we’ve compiled for our present and future customers.